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Find Your Calm. Retreat.

Learn to heal your life in our consciously connected retreats that are divinely inspired and spirit led.

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Embrace Who You Are & Feel The Love!

  • Do you put your own needs and personal wants on the back-burner to help others?

  • Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? 

  • Do you have difficulty setting boundaries and saying "No"?

  • Are you constantly "on" and not able to switch off? 

  • Do you struggle with asking for help and holding yourself accountable for your *own hopes and dreams? 

As an Empowerment Coach, I help my clients build their self confidence, gain clarity about personal goals, improve communication skills, find and pursue their passion, overcome self-limiting beliefs + negative thought patterns, achieve work-life balance, improve relationships, and navigate life transitions. 

It's Time To Hold Space For Yourself.

Take Time Out For You

Schedule breaks into your calendar and hold yourself to it. The key is to start taking care of yourself.

Learn to Say "No"

“No” is not a dirty word. Start saying no to things that you don’t want, or don’t have the time, to do.

Set Achievable Goals

Set goals according to how you want to live. List small actions you can take to shift your life so it aligns more with your ideals.

Let Go of Perfectionism

Superwoman is a fictional character, not a role model, and trying to be her isn’t sustainable or healthy.

Blurry Petals

Meet Our Consciously Connected Healers


Lindsey Fox, MA
Trauma-Informed Therapist
Empowerment Coach

Founder of Co
nscious Healers, LLC   Co-Host, What The Fox?!® 


Amber Ross
Certified Health + Wellness Coach
Host, What The Fox?!® 

Christine Rose
Spiritual Mediu
Trauma Researcher
 Bilingual Author 

Learn To Heal Your Life,
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Make Conscious Connections

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