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Find Your Calm. Retreat.

Conscious Healers is a lifestyle consulting service that offers therapeutic coaching & retreats for high achieving professionals navigating burnout and life transitions.

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Do You Feel Like a Shell of Yourself?

  • Are you constantly "on" and not able to switch off? Are you experiencing decision fatigue?

  • Do you put your own needs and personal wants on the back-burner to help others?

  • Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and lonely?

  • Do you have difficulty setting boundaries and delegating tasks to others?

  • Do you struggle with asking for help and holding yourself accountable for your *own hopes and dreams? 

Learn How To Identify Your Needs & Honor Yourself

Take Time Out For You

Schedule breaks into your calendar and hold yourself to it. The key is to start taking care of yourself.

Learn to Say "No"

“No” is not a dirty word. Start saying no to things that you don’t want, or don’t have the time, to do.

Set Achievable Goals

Set goals according to how you want to live. List small actions you can take to shift your life so it aligns more with your ideals.

Let Go of Perfectionism

Superman/woman is a fictional character, not a role model, and trying to be him/her isn’t sustainable or healthy.

Blurry Petals

Meet Our Conscious Healers


Lindsey Fox, LMHC
Founder of Conscious Healers, LLC
Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Coach 
Host, What The Fox?!® 


Christine Rose
Intuitive Healer
Trauma & Ancestry Researcher
 Bilingual Author 

Reclaim Your Life.
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"Huge fan of Conscious Healers, LLC and everything they represent! Mental health and taking care of yourself myst be priorities for everyone, Lindsey and her team help people realize this and achieve their goals. They help people that help others. I have known Lindsey for more than 15 years now. She is an excellent listener, has a brilliant mind, and is extremely compassionate. Super excited to attend a retreat in the future. Thanks for everything Lindsey!"

Alexa Young, CA

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

Decreases anxiety & depression

Reduces stress levels 

Improves attention & concentration

"The thing about meditation is:
You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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