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Meet Lindsey Fox


My name is Lindsey Fox. I am a licensed mental health therapist, business & empowerment coach, podcaster, and ordained minister. As the Founder of Conscious Healers, LLC, my goal is to support high-achieving helping professionals learn to love themselves at the risk of disappointing others through the art of self-love, vulnerability, and authenticity. 


As someone who assumed the role of caregiver from a young age, I know how hard it can feel to prioritize your needs. I can recall spending much of my teen years and twenties saying "Yes" when I really meant "No" and then being full of resentment in the aftermath of staying silent. This caused a lot of unnecessary pain, trauma, and heartache. As a result, I continuously attracted what I call "energy vampires" - people who were sucking the life out of me yet I kept handing over the straw. 


After surviving a toxic marriage and divorce amidst a global pandemic, I discovered that my voice and sense of self-worth had been trapped under the rubble. I became acutely aware of the beauty in breakdown and the lessons that were being taught by the Universe. I came to realize that my life had been a reflection of my self worth and that I had a sense of agency in how my life would turn out. I chose to stop being a martyr, learned to stop listening with my triggers, and began listening with my ears. 


I began to consciously heal my life by un-becoming everything that wasn't really me so I could be who I was meant to be in the first place. This transformation required extremely painful moments of discomfort and extensive layers of heart work. I learned how to identify my needs and more importantly, how to state my needs aloud without judgement but rather through a self-compassionate lens of self love.


As an empowerment coach, I dare high achieving professionals to have the courage to love themselves at the risk of disappointing others. CEOs and thought leaders rarely discuss how lonely it is to be on top but as a coach, I teach my clients how to find their voice and rediscover their joy by reconnecting with their most authentic self and through the support of other like-minded high achieving professionals.


When we are in alignment with the love of the Universe, our personal peace cannot be disturbed. 

"You've helped me recognize something so much deeper, and it's my true determination to build my practice in a way I can feel really truly solidly proud of."

Maggie A. 



McLean Hospital Workshop

PTSD & Related Disorders

Harvard Medical School

Cambridge, MA

I attended Harvard Medical School's world renowned annual Posttraumatic Stress & Related Disorders Workshop on behalf of New Beginnings Wellness Center in Massachusetts and received the most up-to-date training and research on how to best support individuals who are navigating complex trauma, whether it be through a therapeutic lens as a clinician or coach. As a whole, I believe trauma-informed care should be implemented across all systems and work spaces, whether it be a healthcare facility or not.



Clinical Counseling Psychology

Assumption College

 Worcester, MA 

At the age of 28, I was working as an Independent Contractor for a fiduciary agent of the Medical Reserve Corps, an organization that was established post 9/11 by Homeland Security in an effort to enhance community preparedness and response for mass casualty incidents. After unexpectedly being present during the 2005 London Bombings and 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, my fascination with disaster psychology was at an all-time high. I decided to explore graduate school (for fun) and ended up discovering my niche for supporting survivors of complex trauma. I earned a Research Fellowship in 2017 under the directive of Dr. Adam Volungis where I contributed to his work on supporting  rising clinicians on how to produce optimal outcomes through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. 



Communication Studies

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

I began undergrad at age 17 and graduated in just under 4 years in 2006. I was a member of Lambda Pi Eta (International Communication Honors Society) and Psi Chi (National Honors Society of Psychology), and dedicated the better half of my time as an Independent Research Assistant for Dr. Roy Schwartzman to analyze identity construction among Holocaust survivors who resettled in the United States. This is where my interest in disaster psychology and public health began to intersect within the world of communication studies.

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