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Connect With Your Loved Ones

Connect with a passed loved one and receive spiritual guidance from the other side during this hour long reading by a gifted Spiritual Medium. While we will try connect with the loved one of your choosing, Spirit gives us what we *need to hear, which is not always what we *want to hear. Prior to the start of your appointment, we recommend that you create time to set the intention of your reading.

All readings are provided online via Zoom. Distance does not inhibit the reading quality or the connection she makes in order to bring the messages that were meant for you during the time of your reading.

You are limited to invite 1 person to join the call. We encourage you to bring writing supplies so you can take notes during your reading as Conscious Healers, LLC does not provide recorded sessions. 

Disclaimer: If you choose to invite a guest to join for your reading, please understand the Spiritual Medium may connect with a passed loved one belonging to your plus one, as we cannot control what loved one chooses to make themselves known during your session time. 

You may request to book a Spiritual Mediumship reading here

What Our Clients Say

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Nina - Arizona

"Thank you for bringing Christine into my life. We just had our session and it was incredible. I can't believe she doesn't have a waitlist! It felt like I spent an hour having talks about love and life with my mom which is something I never really got to do. Thank you!"
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